Reasons Why You May Need Our Website Redesign Services

A website redesign sounds drastic – because it is. A well-implemented website redesign can bring in drastic changes and we’re not only talking about appearance. At first glance, your website may be working and performing according to your expectations. But did you know that with our website redesign services you can enhance important aspects of your website? Increase overall functionality, further enhance the user experience, reach your digital marketing goals, and improve your brand’s image all in one redesign. But the question remains, does your website need a redesign?

Website Redesign Self-Assessment

Website redesign services is a necessity. It’s not just about keeping up with design trends; website redesigns arise out of the need to keep up with the evolving industry, technology, and customer demands. In order for your business to grow, your website should be able to make the most out of your brand’s marketing potential. But when will you know if it’s the right time to redesign your website? You’ll need to take these things into consideration:

Do you need to add a new website functionality or are your website’s functionalities no longer working as they should?

Design trends come and go. If your website had been around for some time, several of its design elements may appear outdated, it may give visitors the impression that the website hasn’t been active for quite some time.

It may not be evident at first, but your website’s navigation and structure could be hindering your visitors from accessing necessary information or performing tasks that lead to sales.

Evergreen content is not possible in business websites. Outdated content, especially ones regarding products and services can be detrimental to your lead nurturing efforts.

Keeping up with the competition takes a lot of work but a company’s rebranding effort won’t be complete with a website redesign to reflect the changes in the brand’s identity or image.

We’re the Website Redesign Firm You’ll Need for the Job

There are things that are not working on your website. You’ll need a solid fix, not a patch. Lawrence Ladokun Consulting’s design team will provide you with outstanding results that include but are not limited to:

A unique and custom-designed website with excellent aesthetic appeal

A highly functional website with a user-friendly UI and excellent UX experience

Highly responsive and forward-compatible website redesigns

Search engine-optimized website for higher visibility

Conversion-optimized website that increases digital marketing revenue

An up-to-date website with excellent technical performance

Our Approach on Website Redesign

UX design is the primary focus of most website redesign projects. And it’s for a good reason. Visitors often leave a website without performing any conversion task because the website is difficult to navigate with unintuitive design elements. In short, the website is barely usable to its target audience. In order to remedy this, website designers go back to the most important part of your website: the visitors. You need to understand the needs of your target market before you can sell to them.

A majority of your customers browse online from smaller screens. Without responsive web design, your website would become unwieldy – losing the intent of its functionality. Mobile users opt for mobile-friendly websites, making you lose a considerable chunk of your target market.

It’s not a design element, but SEO is vital in every redesign project. A redesigned website without proper optimization is just a pretty website that no one sees. SEO will further boost the positive effects of the website redesign. It’s not a tool, though, it’s a process that does not only optimize your search engine ranking but also the overall performance of your website.

Turn to us for Design that Drives.

Improve your website’s overall performance with a redesign solution that drives traffic, leads, and conversions. We will provide your website not only a fresh coat of paint but also a fresh lease of life. Your website is the digital representation of your business. Most of the time, it’s your first point of contact with customers that didn’t have an idea that your business existed at all. A visitor’s overall experience – not just the first impression of your website creates a bias for or against your business. That’s why you need a website that engages and encourages visitors to patronize your brand.