An in-depth report highlighting your website audit and priorities.

Times have changed. Are you still thinking about the effectiveness of your website audit? Amazon’s profits soared while most business shut down during the corona virus pandemic. Your business has to re-strategize to be on the cutting edge and it all starts from your website. Let us help you audit your website. Review your full website code, technical configuration, content, mobile optimization, ranking performance, site speed, backlinks and UX with our bespoke audit. You have nothing to lose, we will bare all the expenses so it is completely free of charge to you.

Our website audit makes your decisions simpler

The Three Steps To Delivering You Clarity

1. We Discuss

We discuss your website, establish your goals and where you feel your website could improve.

2. We Analyze

We start your website audit. Our audits use cutting-edge tools and good old-fashioned manual testing.

3. We Report

Categorized by section, with your priority issues highlighted. We discuss your audit and next steps.

Why people choose us

We discuss your objectives and any current issues. We then manually test over 80 factors, covering every aspect of your website. Using our expert analysis, in-house scripts and cutting-edge tools, we uncover your website’s issues. We then prioritize your issues and compile the results into an actionable report.


Lawrence Ladokun Consulting offers SEO services that drive sales — not just traffic.

Web Design

Stand Out with a Custom WordPress Site Design. It’s user-friendly and powerful at the same time.

Web Maintenance

Our web maintenance packages cover everything that your website may need – from simple content updates to extensive design updates.

Videos & Animation

Increase engagement, build trust and provide value with high-quality video production content.

Corporate Blog

A corporate blog isn’t just an extension of your corporate website – it’s an important part of your business’ corporate image.

Whether you're the CEO or the Marketing Manager, our website audit give you clarity on where your website can improve

What our full website audit include:

Website load speed is a ranking factor and important when it comes to user experience. No-one likes waiting and unnecessarily high load times will diminish user engagement. We test your website speed and suggest ways to improve your website’s load times.

We manually check over 75-factors to cover-off every aspect of your website’s setup. From your structured data to your sitemaps, meta directives to response codes; we’ve got it covered.

It’s no longer important to have a mobile-responsive website, it’s critical. Google’s mobile-first indexing checks your website’s page speed and mobile-responsiveness to decide where to show your website in its search results. We check to see if you’re mobile-ready.

We’ll establish the keywords you’re ranking for and show you exactly where you’re ranking in Google. From this research, we’ll highlight meaningful keyword opportunities where you can look to efficiently improve your ranking and generate more sales.

Are your on-page elements like titles, meta tags, H1s and focus keywords working as a team or fighting against each other? Duplicate content, missing meta descriptions, poor anchor text and internal links will affect your rank and engagement.

A search engine like Google measures how visitors engage with your website and reward websites that provide a better user experience by placing them higher in the search engine results. It pays to ensure your website’s visitors stick around.

Backlinks are a powerful ranking factor but can work against you too. Your rivals can try to get you blacklisted just by adding your website to link farms. We check to see if you are at risk.

User Experience is vital. Descriptive product pages lift visibility, font sizes affect bounce rates, calls-to-action boost conversions. We’ll provide you with impartial feedback on any areas where you can improve your UX.

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