Customized Professional Development Program

As a custom learning company, Lawrence Ladokun Consulting’s squadron of instructional designers, human performance improvement experts, and professional development trainers are here to provide effective and engaging learning solutions to your company. We can help your company improve: customer service, intra-office communication, onboarding process, leadership skills, adherence to best practices, and almost any other area of interaction in your business. Your organization’s professional development is vital to peak performance and directly impacts the bottom line!

Virtually any workplace behavior can be shaped through learning experiences, and Lawrence Ladokun Consulting specializes in delivering the customized learning experiences and professional development your employees need. We give you the tools you need to turn subpar employees into superior employees, and superior employees into all-stars.

Lawrence Ladokun Consulting creates customized employee training programs with your company’s unique constraints and challenges in mind. We recognize that teaching adults requires teaching simple concepts that are immediately relevant, yet respect the learner’s prior knowledge and experience — something that generic manual-based training cannot accomplish.

We seek to understand what your goals are, what your working environment is like, who you’re targeting with this lesson, and who your best and worst performers are. This helps us focus each learning experience on the areas that need the most attention.

We Create Custom Learning Programs Designed For Your Culture!

  • Title: Lead By Example
  • Purpose: To increase confidence, communication, and engagement leads to higher performing employees.
  • Title: The Lifeblood
  • Purpose: Maximize productivity and improve morale with our entertaining, customized, on-site communication training.
Life Coaching: Getting Ahead
  • Title: Best First Impression
  • Purpose: To improve customer loyalty! Strengthen telephone, greeting, listening and problem solving skills.
  • Title: Work Better Together
  • Purpose: Learn the importance of teamwork, it’s impact on productivity and develop team communication with our customizable courses.
  • Title: The Tools You Need
  • Purpose: To create a range of workshops designed to improve strategic thinking, manage change, and improve organizational culture and performance.