Need A Keynote Presenter?

Keynote presenter and speakers set the mood for the entire event — and at Lawrence Ladokun Consulting, we recognize that someone’s mood is the single most powerful indicator of how well they’re going to internalize and recall the lesson at a later date. That’s precisely why Lawrence Ladokun Consulting keeps a ‘bull pen’ of motivational, humorous speakers that pack powerful messages to get people thinking, laughing, and engaged. Everyone craves inspiration and every meeting needs a little lightening up and we bring uplifting, practical, relevant workplace guidance that will stick in your listener’s minds.

Our keynote presenter and speakers educate the audience while entertaining them at the same time. They bring any business or group to a higher level of motivation and inspire new ideas. They’re charismatic, friendly, and accessible, and their optimism creates confidence in the audience members. But that’s not all; our speakers listen, too. They interact with the audience and make them feel as though they are a major part of the discussion… When the speaker is able to take cues from the audience, they can change their tone or add to the presentation to maximize relevance and impact on their listeners.

Keynote Topics Include…

  • Time Management
  • Digitalizing Your Business
  • Today’s Business in Changing Times
  • Teamwork & Commitment
  • “New Trainer” Survival Skills
  • Engaging A Disinterested Audience
  • Motivation: It’s An Inside Job – How To Create A Motivating Environment
  • Turning Customer Service into Customer Loyalty
  • Creating A Social Media Strategy
  • Coaching for Leaders: Improving Skills & Behaviors to Improve Productivity

Lawrence Ladokun Consulting will work with you to make sure the training is relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable and award-winning. Call us 08157751577 or fill out the form below to schedule a time to discuss your vision to see the best way that Lawrence Ladokun Consulting can support your next project! executives.